Vehicle Instrumentation and Automation Laboratory

The Vehicle Instrumentation and Automation (VIA) Laboratory) is located at the George Washington University's Virginia Science and Technology Campus (VSTC). It is housed in a special garage at Enterprise Hall.

Multiple instrumented vehicles are assembled at the facility, offering a unique opportunity for research with possible applications related to human factor studies, connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), and big data analytics. Currently, a Ford Taurus vehicle is equipped with three systems working in unison; a Lidar system, a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and an OBD (on-board diagnostics) monitoring system.  Data from all three systems is received by an in-vehicle laptop – which will generate a local timestamp for synchronization purposes. Detailed trajectory data may be collected every 0.1 second with an error of +/- 0.5 centimeters. An additional Kia Soul Vehicle is automated with possible remote-control longitudinal applications. The vehicle is equipped with Flir Camera/Lenses, a Velodyne Lidar system with engine control alteration. Finally, a Chevrolet Bolt vehicle is being acquired for autonomous vehicle applications.

Instrumented Vehicle Components Locations and Wiring

Lidar System – ibeo LUX Fusion System
Individual components: ECU (External Computing Unit) (3); Sync Box (4); Power Box (7); Lidar Sensors (1); Ethernet Switch (5); Laptop.

DGPS System – Novatel DGPS
Individual components: High Performance GNSS Antenna (2); Laptop (8); High Precision GNSS Receiver (6)

OBD System - Caflor Industries IOSiX OBD-II Datalogger
Individual components: OBD Logger (9); MicroSD Card (8), Laptop (8)