Welcome to the George Washington University Transportation Program (GWTP) website. Transportation Program at GW conducts fundamental and applied research in multiple areas, including 1) driver and pedestrian detection and modeling, 2) traffic flow theory, 3) transportation safety, 4) network flow problems (social and transportation networks), 5) intelligent transportation systems (including connected and autonomous systems with V2V and V2I communications), and 6) evacuation modeling and emergency management. Research in traveler behavior modeling, robotics, and social media is also conducted in collaboration with partnering laboratories/institutions and various departments at the George Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).

The Transportation Engineering team is composed of faculty members and students from different backgrounds. Our team has successfully established a collaborative active research environment.  GWTP projects are often cross- or interdisciplinary and are strengthened by research groups from various fields. Moreover, Transportation Program research is integrated into a multidisciplinary education program that draws from different SEAS departments.