Traffic Equity and Safety Laboratory

In the Traffic Equity and Safety Laboratory (TES Lab – previously know and the Traffic and Networks Research Laboratory - TNRL), the GWTP works on developing technology tools (hardware and software) associated with human behavior, traffic flow control, network flow problems, and assignment.

Special focus is given to transportation safety and equity with research in emission modeling and air pollution propagation, driver decision making under uncertainty, disaster management, and evacuation modeling. This laboratory contains software packages, sensors and controllers found in state-of-the art Traffic Management Centers. TES is equipped with a host of PCs, workstations, and computing facilities with the latest traffic modeling and simulation software.  Sensors and controllers are also obtained for experimentation.

The main TES Lab equipment is located on the 6th floor of the Science and Engineering Hall at the George Washington University Foggy-Bottom Main Campus. The Lab also operates workstations located on the third floor of Exploration Hall at the George Washington University's Virginia Science and Technology Campus.